20-8-2016              National Conference AEPEE 2016 Report        Click Here

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 BE 1st Semester Mid Sem Exam Click Here
 BE 5th Semester Seating Arrangment for Mid Sem Exam Click Here
 BE 7th Semester Seating Arrangment for Mid Sem Exam Click Here
 BE & ME Mid Semester Exam Schedule Click Here 
BE Sem-7  IPS Assignments Click Here
  BE sem-2,3,4 Practical exam schedule. Click Here
 BE sem-8 Practical Exam Time Table Click Here
 BE pre final year students are informed to fill up details on for vacational training. 
BE sem-8 students are instructed to register project details on before 15-02-2015. Guidelines
BE sem-7 GTU Practical Exam December-2014 schedule Click Here
BE Semester 5 Assignments: PSAS: Experiments
 NEW GTU BE Electrical Sem-3 Syllabus  Click Here 
D to D and Detained Students Lab Manual: EMMI & CNW
 BE Sem-7 Assisgnments EMD I & IPS
It may please be noted that by Mid Semester Examination, it is expected to complete 50% of assignments of each subject. 
BE sem-7 students PSAR submission on/before 15/08/2014 Click Here
 BE sem-7 students are instructed to fill Job placement form on/before 03/08/2014. Click Here
 ME sem-3 Students dissertation topic submission on/before 31/07/2014. Click Here
 Submit BE sem 7 IDP/UDP and Project survey form on/before 22/07/2014. Click Here
 બીઇ પ્રથમ વર્ષ ના વિધાર્થીઓ ટ્રૈનીગ નું ફોર્મ ભરવા અહી કલીક કરો. ફોર્મ ભરી એનઓસી મેળવવા પ્રો. ડી ટી વાઘેલા નો સંપર્ક કરવો. આ ફોર્મ માત્ર પ્રથમ વર્ષ ના વિધાર્થીઓ માટે જ છે. 
 BE Pre Final year students are advised to fill up google form by clicking this link. Click here
 PDE exercise (Refer GTU Circular as in Department Notice Board) --> Click Here 
  MID Sem. Exam Syllabus    ||    BE sem-2     ||     BE sem-4     ||     BE sem-6     ||     BE sem-8     ||     ME sem-2    ||
  Student Survey Form (To Be filled by all the Students within 3 Days of Notice).  Click Here
  Revised batch/division distribution for Sem-2, Sem-4, Sem-6, Sem-8 students
  All the students are informed to click the link and fill up the form: Click here to fill the form
  ALL UG/PG students are informed to fill up survey form. Click here
  B.E.F.Y --> Examination Policy
  B.E. Final Year Students Patent Search Circular by GTU
  B.E. Semester I Result --> CPU
 Latest Evaluation Scheme for IDP/UDP Click Here
  It is mandatory (COMPULSORY) for all the students to either provide EPIC card details or to apply for EPIC card. So Not applied answer is not   accepatable under any circumstances for all eligible (born on or before 01/01/1996) students. 
  Final year B.E. Electrical students are informed to prepare their IDP/UDP project report as per GTU format as a part of their submission. Click here
M.E. Electrical Students Electoral Photo Identity Card Details Click here
All the Electrical Engineering students are informed to update their EPIC data in shared link on or before 20/10/2013. Please verify your data and add or make necessary changes in your data. If you have received receipt or SMS for your registraion as voter, kindly mention Applied (Receipt) or Applied (SMS) else  write only Applied. This notice is applicable only for students whose birth is on or before 01/01/1996. FIRST SEARCH YOUR NAME IN THE EXCEL SHEET (SEPERATE FOR SEM I AND SEM 357), & IF YOU DON'T FIND YOUR NAME IN EXCEL SHEET THEN ONLY ENTER YOUR DETIALS. DON'T DUPLICATE ENTRIES. Click Here 
All the M.E. Electrical Engineering First Year students are hereby informed to contact Prof. K. K. Dudani on 17/10/2013 regarding their enrollment form and payment of fees. 
 MID Sem. Exam Syllabus.  ||  BE sem-3  ||  BE sem-5  ||  BE sem-7  ||  ME sem-3  ||
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